Why are Black Streaks on my Roof?

Have you ever stepped outside, looked at your roof, and noticed it was covered in unsightly black streaks? When you got over the initial annoyance that those stains exist in the first place, you may start to wonder what exactly is causing them to appear. Why are Black Streaks on my Roof? While the dark… Read more »

The Best Flooring Options for Basements

When you’re designing the basement of your dreams, of course, you’re going to be thinking of what colors to paint the walls and what furniture to get for the room. But before you start comparing fabric swatches, you need to start from the ground up — literally. The flooring you choose for your basement can… Read more »

Is Your Basement Attracting Pests?

Everyone loves a quiet night at home, snuggled up with a fuzzy blanket in the basement watching a movie. But what no one will love is if, in the middle of the movie, you see a mouse crawling across your floor. If you’ve caught pests in your basement more than a few times, you may… Read more »

Signs It’s Winter in PA

Growing up in Pennsylvania, you are no stranger the bitter, cold winters. Even if you love winter and you love the snow, not every part of this season is completely enjoyable. However, since you’re a pro, you’ve learned to recognize the signs that it’s winter in PA, and you know just how to handle things…. Read more »

Ways to Save on Gutter Cleaning

As a homeowner, you definitely have a lot of expenses to cover. One that may be farther down on your priority list, but still important, is the cost of gutter cleaning. If you’re not too keen on having a professional clean your gutters for full price, you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways you… Read more »

What To Look for in a Gutter Protection System

When you decide to invest in a gutter protection system, you’re obviously going to want to get the best system available so your investment is worth the money. But how exactly do you know what to look for? Don’t worry! These are a few things that you can use to help determine what gutter protection… Read more »

Keeping Your Home Pest-Free During the Holidays

The last thing you want lurking in your home around the holiday season are mice, raccoons, and any other crawling critters. Unfortunately, the holiday season does give these pests a bit more of an invitation than other times of the year. In order to keep your home pest free during the holidays, follow these tips…. Read more »

Winterizing Your Home

How do you prepare yourself for a cold winter? More likely than not, you stock up on warm  clothing and ice melters, Google as many comfort food recipes as you can, and que up your DVR with a lot of movies since you’re not going to leave your house unless you really have to. You… Read more »

Why You Should Replace Your Roof in Winter

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — your roof is your home’s first line of defense against Mother Nature. That’s why it’s extremely important to recognize when it’s on its last leg — so to speak — and needs replacing. If you’re looking at your roof now and realizing that that time… Read more »