Fall Gutter Cleaning Checklist

Soon the leaves will be turning and the crisp cool air will be upon us! While pumpkin picking time is just around the corner, it’s also that time of year for your outdoor fall home maintenance. If cleaning your gutters is not on your fall to-do list, then it’s probably a good idea to add… Read more »

The Worst Things You are Doing to Your Roof

Regular maintenance and care for your roof can help avoid a myriad of problems. Common roof issues such as premature aging, leaks, shrinkage and blistering, can be caused by improper maintenance or lack thereof. While Mother Nature may dish out problems beyond your control, there are some avoidable roof mistakes you could be making. Here… Read more »

How to Care for Your SunShade Awning

Care for Your SunShade Awning

From outdoor parties to relaxing with a book, your SunShade Awning has given you enjoyment all summer long. Even as the weather turns crisp, you can still enjoy the outdoors under your SunShade Awning well into the fall.  Although a Sunshade Awning requires little care, here are a few tips on giving it a bit… Read more »

Back to School Basement Ideas

basement ideas

Basements are often untapped living spaces that have oodles of possibilities! Now that the kids are heading back to school, why not start planning out a basement space remodel that’s not only kid-friendly, but where mom and dad can hang and enjoy too!   Here are some ways you can turn your basement into an… Read more »

What is The Lifespan of Gutters?

gutter lifespan

Gutters are a necessary component of keeping your home functioning optimally. Without gutters, your home can experience a host of problems from basement flooding to rotting siding. It’s important to keep your gutters in shape so you can have them as long as possible without having to replace them before their time is up. Gutters… Read more »

Ways to Prevent Nesting in Your Gutters

Bird nesting in gutter

While we all want to be kind to our furry and feathery friends, we also want to protect our homes. Birds and other animals often seek out gutters as their perfect place to build their nests. So, how can you prevent nesting in your gutters? Here are some ways you can send these nesting critters… Read more »

Home for Sale Improvements To Remember

Home for sale

If you are putting your home on the market, you probably already know that it can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time. There’s no doubt you have a million questions for your real estate agent as you want to get the best offer possible. While, we may not be real estate agents,… Read more »

Easier Ways to Clean out Your Gutters

Cleaning gutters is probably one of the most loathed outdoor chores. It can be time-consuming especially if there is a lot of debris build-up. Leaving gutters caked with debris can cause gutters to sag as well as create foundation problems and basement floods. While cleaning gutters are no picnic, someone has to do it! So,… Read more »

Benefits of a SunShade Awning

You may love all things nature, but sometimes the heat and elements can keep you indoors. If you are looking to enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space, perhaps you may need to add more shelter and shade. You could use an outdoor umbrella to add some shade, but that comes with some disadvantages. So,… Read more »