Whitehall PA Gutter Protection

Keystone Gutter Helmet is proud to serve homeowners in the Whitehall, Pennsylvania area with our gutter helmet protection system. Not only does our gutter helmet prevent damage to your roof and gutters, but it also eliminates the annoying chore of cleaning out your gutters each season.

Say goodbye to the days of pulling out your ladder and climbing to the roof to clean your gutters, and say hello to gutter maintenance made easy.

Gutter Guards in Whitehall

We know that unclogging your gutters can be one of the worst tasks you have to do to maintain your home. That’s why Keystone Gutter Helmet offers our expert installation team to come to your house in Whitehall and rid you of this chore. We’ll install the gutter helmet protection system over your existing gutters, keeping them free of debris and clogs.

Our gutter guard prevents the buildup of leaves, sticks, needles, mud, dirt, grime, and other outside elements. It also blocks pests and animals like birds, rodents, insects, and bacteria from making your gutters their nesting place.

With a gutter helmet, water won’t be able to get clogged up by debris in your gutters either. This drastically lowers the risk of it freezing over in the winter and causing structural damage. If you want even stronger winter protection for your gutters, roof, and downspouts, consider installing our Helmet Heat deicing system as well.

Whitehall SolarShield Awning Installation

Do you want to add even more protection and value to your property? Ask Keystone Gutter Helmet about installing a custom-made SolarShield motorized retractable awning. Available in various colors and styles, there’s an awning to suit every home in Whitehall.

SolarShield retractable awnings are made from high-quality materials, including convenient retractable arms, shoulder/tension bars, and a choice of manual or motorized gears. They’re customized to fit your deck or patio to keep your family, furniture, and outdoor space shaded and protected.

Let Keystone Gutter Helmet help protect your gutters, roof, and home exterior in Whitehall. Contact our team for a free quote today!