Cleaning Your Gutter Exteriors

After a long winter, all that spring cleaning has paid off. Your windows are shining, your grass is nice and green, and you can really see the difference power-washing your driveway has made. There’s one thing that could use some work — your gutters. They look kind of dingy and have black streaks on them. We’d hate to see dirty gutters take away from the overall look of your home, so here are some ways to clean those gross gutter exteriors.

Clean with TSP-PF

If you search your garage, you may find a container with the letters “TSP-PF” on it. This product is great for removing grease without using dangerous phosphates that can harm the environment. Take a cup of the TSP-PF and mix it with a quart of Clorox and three quarts of hot water. Place a tarp on the ground under your gutter to protect your grass and plants, and use a white rag or soft-bristled brush to scrub your gutter exteriors with the solution.

Clean with Cream of Tartar

For a more natural method, grab the cream of tartar from your spice rack, and add some water to create a paste. Rub the mixture on the outsides and undersides of your gutters, and then rinse or wipe it off, and let your gutters dry. They’ll be clean and even have a little luster to them.

Cleaning Vinyl Gutters

If your gutters are vinyl instead of aluminum, some Dawn dish soap, a ½ cup of bleach, and two gallons of water should get the job done. Scrub the gutter exteriors with the mix, let it stand for a max of 10 minutes, scrub it in again, and rinse the gutters with your hose.

A lot of gutter exterior grime comes from overflowing water caused by clogging. Keystone Gutter Helmet’s gutter protection system keeps debris and leaves out of your gutters, so they don’t get clogged and cause messes. For more information or to get a free consultation, call 610-372-4383.