Choosing Your Awning Fabric

When decorating your backyard, you’ll often aim to create a look that reflects your family’s style and is practical for keeping everyone entertained and safe. A great way to add style and comfort to your backyard is by adding a patio awning, but then comes the question — how do you choose your awning fabric? There are some benefits and drawbacks of each kind of fabric, so use this guide to help decide which is best for your home.

Choosing Your Awning Fabric


This is one of the most common types of fabric choices for awnings because it’s the most breathable and environmentally-friendly. However, it isn’t waterproof, so you’ll have to coat it in waterproofing products. If you don’t, it could develop mildew and/or need replacing more often.


Acrylic is the most durable of the awning fabrics. It doesn’t fade or easily rot like other fabric does, so it’s a great choice if you live in an area with hot temperatures or other harsh weather. This material usually lasts the longest compared to other awning fabrics materials.


This material is a kind of halfway point between cotton and acrylic. While it’s not as durable as acrylic fabric, it’s more breathable. It’s becoming more popular due to the waterproofing materials that are made for it, such a vinyl-laminate which is good for humid areas since it’s mildew, flame, and water-resistant.
When getting an awning for your home, choose the best.

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