Shed Roof Care


If you have a shed in your yard, you understand that it’s basically a scaled down version of your home, in regard to roofing. It’s got support beams, shingles, and maybe even gutters — so why neglect this fixture? You spent a great deal of time or money having it built, only to forget about… Read more »

Downspout Maintenance

While a good rainstorm makes for great ambient noise inside, it’s not so great for your home if you can’t route the water properly. If it floods, it can cause costly damage to your home. Your downspout is designed specifically to prevent flooding and over-saturation of your soil by directing water away from your home…. Read more »

Can Gutters Cause Home Drainage Problems?

When you think of things can harm your home, you probably think of fires, bad weather, etc. But did you ever consider that things meant to protect your home can actually harm it instead? If you’re not careful, your gutters can actually cause drainage problems around your home. How Gutters Cause Home Drainage Problems We… Read more »

Prevent Home Water Damage with Gutter Helmets

Did you know that flooding isn’t just a result of weather and natural disasters? Home flooding can happen as a result of poor draining. Believe it or not, gutters play a big role in preventing your basement from becoming a residential Atlantis.  How They Work Gutter Helmets work by diverting rain into your gutters while… Read more »

How to Guard Your Home Against Big Storms

Don’t you just love when a big storm knocks out your power, causes a few leaks in your roof, and takes down tree branches to block your car into your driveway? Yeah, we didn’t think so. No matter the time of year, bad weather can wreak havoc on your home if you’re not well prepared…. Read more »

Solving Excess Runoff Problems

Rain on roof

Let’s imagine for a minute; you’re sitting in your basement during a rainstorm, when you notice water on the floor. Surely this is the introduction to every homeowner’s personal horror story, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. Dealing with excess runoff is something that people have been doing for years in order… Read more »

Costly Gutter Mistakes To Avoid

Damaging gutters with power wash

At home, there are a number of things that can contribute to the failure of products designed to protect you. When it comes to diverting water and ice away from your home, nothing is better at this than your gutters — but there’s a catch; they need to be functioning at optimal levels. Homeowners sometimes… Read more »

You May Need New Gutters

If your window had a crack in it, would you leave it? What about if your toilet was spewing water? Of course not, you would fix it! Just like you wouldn’t ignore these home headaches, you shouldn’t ignore problems with your gutters. Since your gutters play a huge role in protecting your home from water… Read more »

Fun Basement Renovation Ideas

Too often, your basement is seen as a dark, underground space that really has no use besides being a laundry room or storage spot for all the items that you don’t want in your home. With a little imagination, it can be transformed into your favorite spot in your house.  A basement renovation can do… Read more »