Designing a Gym in Your Basement

We always support an effort to stay in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. But the prices some of those gym memberships go for can sometimes deter people from getting in their daily workouts. If you’re big into fitness but not that big into expensive gym prices, why not bring the equipment to you and… Read more »

Is My Landlord Responsible for My Gutters?

One of the perks of renting versus buying a home is that you typically have some everyday maintenance chores taken care of for you, rather than having to do that yourself. While these tasks can range from cutting the lawn to shoveling the sidewalk, there’s another important task that needs to be handled — your… Read more »

Staying Safe While Cleaning Snow Off Your Roof

With the intense winters we get in Pennsylvania, it’s no wonder you’d want to get rid of all the snow that will inevitably block your driveway and walkways. It’s important to remember that all that snow is pretty heavy (which we’re sure you feel when you’re shoveling) so it shouldn’t sit atop your roof too… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Salt Your Gutters

As our Pennsylvania winter rages on,  you may start getting annoyed with the amount of snow and ice that is building up on your property. While some homeowners immediately reach for salt to melt all of that ice, not everyone knows the spots where it should and shouldn’t be used. When it comes to your… Read more »

Signs Your Foundation Suffers from Water Damage

As the saying goes, “you can’t build a great building on a weak foundation.” Your home’s foundation literally keep your home steady and solid, so you should take great care to ensure it’s in good shape. One of the most common issues homeowners can face with their foundation is water damage. Since some cases are… Read more »

How to Floodproof Your Basement

No matter the time of year, flooding can happen. In the spring, April showers bring plenty of rainwater, and in the winter, our heavy Pennsylvania snowfall eventually melts to sit at the foot of your home. All of that water can seep into the ground and make its way into your basement, leaving you with… Read more »

Why are Black Streaks on my Roof?

Have you ever stepped outside, looked at your roof, and noticed it was covered in unsightly black streaks? When you got over the initial annoyance that those stains exist in the first place, you may start to wonder what exactly is causing them to appear. Why are Black Streaks on my Roof? While the dark… Read more »

The Best Flooring Options for Basements

When you’re designing the basement of your dreams, of course, you’re going to be thinking of what colors to paint the walls and what furniture to get for the room. But before you start comparing fabric swatches, you need to start from the ground up — literally. The flooring you choose for your basement can… Read more »

Is Your Basement Attracting Pests?

Everyone loves a quiet night at home, snuggled up with a fuzzy blanket in the basement watching a movie. But what no one will love is if, in the middle of the movie, you see a mouse crawling across your floor. If you’ve caught pests in your basement more than a few times, you may… Read more »