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How to Keep Squirrels and Other Rodents Out of Your Gutter System

Squirrels and other small rodents love finding warm places to hide in our homes, but the feeling is far from mutual. These critters’ teeth continually grow, so they often gnaw on windowsills, siding, fascia and even electrical wiring. What’s more, female squirrels may think your gutters are the perfect spot for a nest, leading to… Read more »

Keep Wildlife out of Your Gutters With These Helpful Tips

Did you know that residential gutter systems can become havens for local wildlife if they’re not properly cleaned and maintained? From birds to squirrels and even disease-carrying mosquitoes, we’ve seen all kinds of critters in residential gutters over the years. The good news is, there are steps you can take to prevent small animals from… Read more »

K- Style Gutters VS Rounded Gutters

Trees are beautiful, aren’t they? They add greenery, dimension, and shade to any landscape. Don’t you love to sit beneath a towering oak perhaps reading a book or enjoying the afternoon? However, they can also ‘leave’ quite the mess, (Pun intended). They drop leaves indiscriminately and even sticks and debris. For homeowners, this can cause… Read more »