Why Is My House Cold?

This season, it’s inevitably going to get cold — and likely before we know it. While bearing a 50 degree temperature day doesn’t seem so bad, the number can drop significantly in a matter of days, leaving your home frigid to the core. However with the right steps taken, you can enjoy the beautiful sights of winter from a cozy home. If your home is still cold after you’ve turned the heat up however, there might be a bigger issue looming.

Programmable Thermostat

Some homeowners, while thinking they’re saving money, might be spending more than they’d like. A programmable thermostat is something that can aid in the temperature of your home, and bring costs down. Using time as measurement, it can bring the temperature up to hours where the outside temperature were to drop.

Blinds And Windows

We know that the cold wind isn’t fun to look at, but the sun poses a great way to heat your home on a near-free level. If your blinds and shades have been blocking the sunlight, you might be losing out on heat that would otherwise keep you warm throughout the day. It’s certainly something to think about! Note: At night, make sure to keep them closed, or invest in insulated curtains to prevent all that heat from escaping while you sleep.

Seal Gaps

Gaps in your windows and door seals are detrimental to holding in heat. These small gaps in your home can be equivalent to a 3’x3’ hole in the wall. Think about how much heat that is! Sealing with caulk and other agents can reduce the amount of lost heat, as well as incoming colder air.

Additionally, make sure your Gutters are in good shape when the temperatures turn frigid. Helmet Heat and Gutter Helmet are built to withstand freezing temperatures while protecting parts of your roof, and ensuring that your gutters never need to be cleaned during inclement weather!