Uses For Fallen Debris

Garbage being used as compost

Oftentimes, we might find ourselves raking up debris from the grass on our days off. While this isn’t particularly on the top of our lists of ‘things we’d love to do on our days off’, it can be beneficial when using this excess material! More often than not, a ton of these items end up in bags and thrown away, before researching how it can be used.


If you’re not already, it might be a great idea to start composting your leaves and debris for future use. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time working on your lawn or garden, composted materials should be something you continuously use in your garden. This is because materials such as this, (although dead) will break down into rich soil with almost twice the amount of nutrients possessed by other, old soil. This can aid in helping your garden prosper, and use less bags when throwing it out! Consider adding this to your food waste!


A fire pit is popular in backyards, but who wants to spend money on a firestarting log? By using old sticks and leaves, you can create ‘blocks’ of these materials to use instead. Gather a bunch of materials in a box or container, and dampen them up. Place an item on top of it to compress it down, and allow it to do so for a few days. When it dries out, it should be stuck together, and can be placed into the pit to allow for a quick and easy way to start the fire and stay toasty at night.

If you’re like many who are still on ladders, scooping the debris out of their gutters, it might be time for a Gutter Helmet. This piece of equipment will divert all of this grime away from your home, allowing seamless operation of your roofing and gutter system.

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