Safety On Your Roof

Man on ladder cleaning gutter

Cleaning your roof and gutters periodically are important to the diversion of water and protection of your home. Because of the severity of flooding, it’s important that you perform these actions as early as possible, in order to maintain the life of your home. But while you’re up there, your safety is noteworthy as well, and it’s something worth improving, before an accident occurs, and someone ends up at the doctors.


If you’re going to be climbing on a ladder, there’s a few reasons why — to clean your gutter, or clean off the roof. In any event, you should never climb on a ladder without the assistance and supervision of someone else. Acting as an anchor for the ladder, they’ll prevent movement caused by your ascent, which can aid in the safety factor. Generally, it also gets the job done a little faster, as you’ll have a helping hand at a lower cost — like a few beers and a pizza pie!

Proper Equipment

Don’t head to the roof with no idea what to do or wear. If you’re going to be working on cleaning shingles, you’ll be that grip is necessary. Make sure your shoes have ample grip, and you wear gloves, just in case. It doesn’t hurt to wear a helmet either, just in case of a true emergency. As stated, the last thing that needs to happen is a trip to the hospital because of a few dirty leaves on the roof.

To avoid a lot of the cleaning associated with your roofing and gutters, maybe it’s time to look at a Gutter Helmet — we promise that you’ll NEVER have to clean your gutters again — and we mean it!