Halloween Gutter Decorations

Ghost decoration

Bring on the spooky! In a few weeks, we’re going to be pleasantly delighted by the scary faces and cool costumes as people venture out to trick-or-treat! There are many things you can also do to increase the spirit surrounding your neighborhood that many haven’t thought of. Aside from the typical decorations around your home, there are a number of ways to incorporate your gutters into the mix, creating a spooky home to look at!

Gutter Ghost

The ghoulish gutter ghost is an easy addition to your home this season! If you don’t have the silhouette of one, you can always create it out of white bedsheets! Hang him in three different areas close together on your gutter, and allow him to flow in the wind as he hangs! For added flare, you can also add a few ‘ blood’ spatters to the sheet with red dye!

Crashing Witch

Is your downspout visible? You’re in luck! With one of the generic ‘crashing witch’ additions to your home, you can fix this to your downspout and make it look like she ran into your home! This works perfectly for downspouts that are near a corner in your home. As an added bonus, consider a spooky looking downspout vanity on the bottom! There are tons of options ranging from gargoyles to dragons!
In addition to keeping your home looking spooky, it’s also important that you keep it clean as well! The installation of a Gutter Helmet at your home can ensure your home will stay free of any and all debris, dirt and critters all year long! Between simple Helmet additions and Helmet Heat, we can ensure your home will be protected all season long. Get in contact with us today!