3 Hacks to Battling Ice

Winters in the Northeast can get brutal at times. Once snow hits, you probably find yourself spending an extra ten minutes each morning digging your car out from the snow or chipping away at ice on your windshield. While we can’t stop the snow from falling, we can help you with a few hacks for battling ice.

Use Household Items to De-Ice Your Car

Store-bought de-icing sprays can cost a pretty penny, especially when you need them so often. Instead, fill a spray bottle ⅓ of the way full with water, and fill the rest with isopropyl alcohol. Shake it up, and spray it directly onto your car’s icy windshield. Wait a few seconds for the ice to start melting, then turn on your windshield wipers to get rid of the residue. You can even spray this mixture onto the locks and doors of your car if they look frozen shut.

Use Sand for Driveways

 If you have a large driveway, using salt to help get your car moving can get expensive. Sand is way cheaper and provides the same amount of traction for your vehicle. Plus, it doesn’t pose a threat to nearby animals or plant life. Clear out the snow from the driveway so the sand is on the solid layer of ground you’ll be driving over.

Use an Old Bed Sheet to Keep Snow & Ice Off Your Car

We know this sounds a bit silly, but it works like a charm. Lay an old bed sheet across your windshield, and use your windshield wipers to hold it in place. Tuck the rest of the sheet into your car by closing the doors on it. After it snows, remove the sheet for easy window cleanup.

At Keystone Gutter Helmet, we care about protecting you and your home from winter weather. That’s why we provide gutter helmet protection systems to help keep your gutters clean and free from standing water and ice dams.

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