Signs You Might Need A New Chimney

Oftentimes, we neglect getting up on our roofs to assess damage — realistically speaking, who wants to climb on a ladder to clean leaves on their day off? Sometimes, this daunting task might be more beneficial than you might think. If you even think your chimney might need replacing, it might be a good idea to get up there and make sure it’s sound, before something major happens.

Inspect The Roof

This is one of the most important things to look for when assessing your chimney. If the shingles near the base have been cracking or are chipping away, you might want to dig a little bit deeper. Not only can this be a telling sign of a faulty chimney, but it also is shown to be a sign of possible leaks in your home, which can also cause a huge bill in terms of repairs.

Cracking Blocks

We can’t control the weather (yet), which means we can only prepare for what it throws at us. Being that certain materials deteriorate over time, it’s a good idea to give the actual chimney a check-up before considering it perfect. This is because just like broken or missing shingles, moisture finds its way into the cracks, and can cause damage. While your roof is built to handle weight, it’s not a good idea to roll the dice and see if it could handle a toppling chimney.

While you’re up there, give your gutters an inspection, too! You might not want to know that they’re damaged, but it’s better to fix the situation early on, as with anything else. As a bonus, you can add a Gutter Helmet, designed to repel all dirt and debris away from your roof — just one more reason to not have to get up on the ladder and clean your roof after every

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