Why Does Roof Cleaning Matter?

How often do you clean your bedroom? How about your bathroom? Your kitchen? Car? You probably think you’re doing a great job of keeping your home clean, and for the most part, you are. But there’s one major part of your home you’re missing: your roof. Roof cleaning protects your home from some seriously dangerous consequences.

It Prevents Shingle Damage

Stains are caused by algae, lichens, moss, and other tiny organisms that feed off of the organic materials on your roof. The longer you let them live on your roof, the longer they can damage your shingles.

It Prevents Wood Rot

If those organisms eat through your shingles, they’ll eventually get to your roof deck and can cause wood rot. Once you have wood rot, you put your home at risk to develop mold, which poses dangerous health risks to your family and pets.

It Prevents Higher Energy Bills

If your roof is covered in moss or algae, it can’t properly deflect sunlight. If that’s the case, heat will be absorbed into your attic, causing you to up your AC usage (and your energy bill) to keep comfortable. Without the stains and moss growth, you can keep your cooling costs down.

It Protects Your Insurance Policy

Insurance agencies know that a dirty roof can negatively impact your home, so they see roof stains as risks that could cost them money in claims. You can potentially lose your insurance coverage if don’t comply with your insurance company and get your roof cleaned — and they don’t always give you that much notice to get the job done.

Why risk any damage to your home when you put so much effort into keeping it clean and in good condition? Keystone Gutter Helmet technicians are professionally trained and equipped for roof cleaning and stain prevention. We can safely restore your roof to its original color — and keep it that way without harsh chemicals or pressure cleaning. For more information or to get a free consultation, call 610-372-4383.