What is The Lifespan of Gutters?

gutter lifespan

Gutters are a necessary component of keeping your home functioning optimally. Without gutters, your home can experience a host of problems from basement flooding to rotting siding. It’s important to keep your gutters in shape so you can have them as long as possible without having to replace them before their time is up.

Gutters can last up to 20 years or more as long as you keep them properly maintained. Here are  some reasons why your gutters may not live out their life expectancy:

Caked on Leaves and Other Debris

Gutters should be cleaned out every 6 months to keep them free from leaves, sticks and other debris. A gutter that’s filled with debris produces more moisture and is the perfect recipe for added weight. Gutters that are stressed will eventually sag thus separating them from the hardware that keeps them secure.

Improperly Pitched gutters

You need water to flow correctly from your gutters. If the gutters aren’t positioned correctly, you could have standing water which could lead to other problems such as mildew and mold growth as well as a breeding ground for pesky mosquitos.

Growing Weeds Inside Your Gutters

In extreme cases where debris and leaves aren’t cleaned out of gutters, you could have yourself a nice compost pile. While compost is excellent for growing a garden – it’s not so good for your gutters!  Decomposing compost will turn into soil which is a great place for seeds to rest. Once weeds start growing, they will block the flow of water causing holes and cracks to form.

By committing to regular gutter maintenance, your gutters will sustain their intended lifespan. However, if you want to have a gutter system that is maintenance free, keystone gutter helmet has the solution! A Gutter Helmet system has a patented nose-forward design that prevents leaves and debris from entering your gutter system. Contact us today for more information.