Signs It’s Winter in PA

Growing up in Pennsylvania, you are no stranger the bitter, cold winters. Even if you love winter and you love the snow, not every part of this season is completely enjoyable. However, since you’re a pro, you’ve learned to recognize the signs that it’s winter in PA, and you know just how to handle things.

You’re Not Even Surprised When You Have to Dig Your Car Out

When you’re getting ready in the morning and look outside to see a mound of snow where your car is parked, you’re not even phased. You know, well-enough, by now that you need to allocate an extra 10 to 15 minutes even morning to dig your car out of snow.

You can also clean off your car with anything. Don’t have a scraper and brush? No problem! The boots or baking sheet in your back seat will do just fine.

You Know Shovels Do Nothing

Shovels are an amateur’s tool. You know that the only good way to clear your driveway and sideways of snow is with a snowblower. It cuts the time down in half and saves you from the unending back pain that always accompanies shoveling.

It’s All About the “Feels Like” Temperature

It doesn’t matter if your weather app is telling you it’s technically 28℉  outside. What’s really important is that it feels like it’s -6℉. And don’t even get us started on what it feels like when you add wind to the mix.

When winter weather gets you down, knowing your gutters (and home) are safe with the help of Helmet Heat can make life a little bit easier.