Signs You Have an Pest Infestation

Whether it’s less-than-friendly neighbors or the moms and dads who overstay their welcome after dropping off their kids for a playdate, no one likes unwelcome guests in their homes. What’s worse is when you have unwelcome pests and critters in your home. If you’re unsure if you do, here are some signs you have a pest infestation.

Holes, Crevices, and Tracks

If there are any small openings near your doors, garage, or other parts of your home, you’re basically welcoming pests inside. These openings may occur due to weather damage and can usually be spotted with small piles of dirt or debris nearby. If you notice any tracks around these areas, you can almost be sure you have a pest infestation.


Another one of the signs you have a pest infestation is droppings around your home. If you start to find them, check the surrounding areas to see if you can find any nests or hiding spots. Sometimes, if the droppings build up before you spot them, you’ll begin smelling odors first.

Sounds and Activity

If you start hearing little scratches or crawling, you probably have pests present in your home. You’ll most likely hear the noises at night, as this is when critters are more active, and they’ll probably sound as if they’re coming from inside the walls, attic, or crawlspace — these are easy entrance spots not visited by humans too often.

Did you know you could cause a pest infestation in your home by having clogged gutters? Not only do the collected leaves and debris offer pests a home, but water will end up spilling down the side of your home — since it can’t drain away normally — potentially causing water damage to your home.

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