Signs Your Foundation Suffers from Water Damage

As the saying goes, “you can’t build a great building on a weak foundation.” Your home’s foundation literally keep your home steady and solid, so you should take great care to ensure it’s in good shape.

One of the most common issues homeowners can face with their foundation is water damage. Since some cases are easier to spot than others, you should learn how to recognize the signs your foundation suffers from water damage.

Overly Wet Soil

It’s normal to see a little wet soil or mud after a rainstorm, but if that soil is still around days after it rained, you may have a water problem. Overly wet soil is a common sign that groundwater is seeping deeper into your foundation and could be putting it at risk of damage.

Standing Water in Your Crawlspace

If you take a trip into your crawlspace and see that there is water pooling up on the floor, you likely have water damage to your foundation. Whether it be due to groundwater seeping into your crawlspace, a burst pipe, or another issue, too much mositure in your crawlspace can lead to structural damage and/or poor air quality in your home.

Warped Wood Fixtures

Are your hardwood floors starting to curve and warp? Do you even notice them doing so? Since excess moisture can cause your wood flooring to bend and bow, test your home’s leveling by rolling a ball across the floor. If it rolls back to you or to the side, you may have water damage in your foundation that causing your floors to become warped.

One reason water can begin to seep into the ground around your foundation is because your gutters are clogged and water ends up spilling right onto the sign of your home. When you have Gutter Helmet, debris can’t get into your gutters to clog them in the first place. Contact us today to get your FREE Gutter Helmet estimate!