Lehigh County PA

Is your company looking for the most effective way to create plastic-based products that have a “flat” bottom on them? Of the two plastisol casting methods offered by Piper Plastics Corp., open mold casting is the better option for those searching for the best way to produce things like refrigerator magnets, key tags, and other products with “flat” bottoms. The open mold casting process is also a much simpler process than the process used with the other plastisol casting method, which is called slush mold casting.

As its name would suggest, open mold casting involves pouring plastisol directly into an open mold. It’s this open mold that gives the plastic products that go through the open mold casting process their shape. Once the plastisol is placed into the open mold, the open mold casting process plays out like this:

  1. The mold is heated up to the appropriate temperature, which causes the PVC resin in it to swell and absorb the plasticizer from the plastisol.
  2. The mold is cooled down, which leaves behind a plasticized finished product that is flexible. This product also usually has a “flat” bottom on it because an open mold is used.

Do you think your company could benefit from using open mold casting to create plastic products? Piper Plastics Corp. can talk to you more about the open mold casting process and tell you if it’s the best plastisol casting method for you. Call us at 800-966-9919 today to speak with someone about open mold casting.