Making Your Basement Remodel Eco-Friendly

In this day and age, you should be doing your best every day to try and be kind to our planet. While that can include recycling and doing your best to lower your utility usage, did you know that how you do your home remodels can have a big effect on the environment as well?

When it comes to renovating and changing your basement, there are plenty of ways to make your remodel and final space eco-friendly.

Use Eco-Friendly Building Materials

A lot of drywall and fiberglass insulation contain formaldehyde that is dangerous to breathe in as it off-gases into your home. Try to use building materials that are made more naturally or at least are made without harmful carcinogens.

Stay Avoid from Wallpaper and Carpet

Not only do these materials hold onto more dust and allergens, but they are also often made with a number of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that can cause serious illnesses. If you want to be more eco-friendly and keep you and your family safe and healthy, you’re better off painting your walls and choosing hardwood floors.

Choose The Right Paint

Even though it’s better to paint your walls rather than use wallpaper, not all paints are the same. Many paints, primers, and sealants contain those awful VOC’s. When picking your paint for your basement remodel, choose low-VOC paints or ones that don’t contain VOC’s at all.

Use Natural Lighting

If your basement isn’t completely underground and has a few windows that allow natural light to shine in, take advantage of that. The more natural light you use, the fewer lights you’ll need to have installed and the less energy you will have to use to light the room.

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