Keeping Your Home Pest-Free During the Holidays

The last thing you want lurking in your home around the holiday season are mice, raccoons, and any other crawling critters. Unfortunately, the holiday season does give these pests a bit more of an invitation than other times of the year. In order to keep your home pest free during the holidays, follow these tips.

Seal Your Garbage Cans

With all the food and gift unwrapping you’ll be doing during the holidays, it’s easy to just toss your garbage into your outdoor cans and think nothing of it. However, if the lids are not sealed onto the bins, raccoons and other pests can get inside them and make a big mess.

Get Rid of Pet Waste

With all the hustle and bustle, you may simply let your pet outside to do their business and leave the waist as is. But that can attract a number of different kinds of bugs or other critters to your yard. After your pet has gone to the bathroom, scoop up the waste into a bag, tie it off, and throw it into your trash can.

Make Sure Your Food is Sealed

Open containers of food and scattered crumbs look like a buffet to mice and other creepy crawlies. Always make sure to seal all of your food in airtight containers to prevent a pest infestation.

Clean Out Your Gutters

All the leaves and debris that build up in your gutters make the perfect home for birds, rodents, and bugs seeking shelter from the cold. Empty gutters will deter them from hanging around and keep you home pest-free during the holidays

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