Is Your Home Suffering from Heat Loss?

Winter brings about the need for many things: extra trips to the coffee shop for hot chocolate, much heavier jackets, and a decent hike in your thermostat temperature. When you’re spending the money to warm your home, you obviously want your efforts to go to good use. How would you feel if your home suffered from heat loss and all that energy essentially went out the window (which it could be doing)?

If you noticed these signs, your home might be suffering from heat loss and you could be wasting energy and money.

High Energy Bills

This is often the sign that most homeowners commonly stress about. If your energy usage is relatively the same each month, but your latest energy bills are much higher than previous ones, your home mess up her energy loss. This is often because warm air escapes your home and causes your heating system to work harder to make up for the loss.

That warm air can escape for a number of reasons: draft in your windows and doors, poor installation, being two main ones.

Frozen Pipes

If you turn on your faucets only to have no water come out, or you physically spot frozen pipes, your home is likely losing energy and warmth. Pipes that get too cold from a lack of warm air will freeze during our Pennsylvania winters, and if they end up bursting, you’re going to have a big mess and a big cleanup bill on your hands.

Ice Dams

Without the proper insulation and heat going to your attic, ice dams can develop on your roof. Not only do these wear your roof down, but the ice can make its way under your shingles and damage your roof.

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