Is Your Basement Attracting Pests?

Everyone loves a quiet night at home, snuggled up with a fuzzy blanket in the basement watching a movie. But what no one will love is if, in the middle of the movie, you see a mouse crawling across your floor. If you’ve caught pests in your basement more than a few times, you may have to ask yourself, “Is my basement the problem?”

There a few signs that your basement is attracting pests — all of which you should look into fixing.

Easy Access Points

Does your unfinished basement have a few cracks in the floor or walls? Do you notice any drafty areas? These are all spots where bugs, mice, and other pests can sneak into your basement. You should make sure all cracks, holes, or other areas like these are sealed up with caulk.

Moist Environment

If a leaking pipe or water damage adds more moisture to your basement, pests will take this as a sign of welcome. Higher humidity levels attract pests who are seeking a water source. To deter pests, weatherproof your windows, repair plumbing leaks, and invest in a dehumidifier.

Dark Spaces

All the creepy crawlies that could try to call your basement home are all the more attracted to the space if it’s dark and desolate. Pests see these dark areas as safe hiding spots and do their best to take shelter in them.


Is your basement full of storage boxes or other clutter? If so, you’re basically inviting pests into your home. All that clutter serves as perfect hiding spots for bugs and other critters. If you use your basement as a storage area, transfer all your stuff into airtight, plastic containers since cardboard boxes not only give pests a hiding spot — it gives them a snack too.

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