How to Prevent Gutter Striping

Close up of dirty gutter

Homes get dirty sometimes, and there’s no way around it. In areas where your home takes a beating, it can become much messier than areas that don’t see too much action . Your roofing and gutters are a big place to begin when it comes to cleaning. Buildup can occur on the top of your home and when paired with water, creates what’s known as tiger striping on your gutters. While we can’t control the weather, we can control our gutters and how we can keep them clean.

Cleaning the Outside of Your Gutters

If you notice slight discoloration on your gutters, the best thing to do is clean them. Many experts will recommend cleaning them once per year, however in certain climates, it’s a good idea to have it done two or more times. The process does not have to be tedious, and can include a simple sponge or soft bristle brush, and soapy water.

Removing Stains

In certain climates, mold and mildew might become an issue which should be remedied immediately. Proper prevention involves using a stronger cleaning solution, composed of detergent, trisodium phosphate, bleach, and water. This will not only remove the stains after a few washes, but also help prevent them from forming again, as long as you’re on top of your maintenance.

To prevent any major buildup in your gutters, the best investment you can make is with Gutter Helmet. Our product is specifically designed to deter water and debris in different directions, preventing buildup and clogs.

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