How to Make a Rain Gutter Garden

Rain gutter gardens are creative ways to use vertical spaces outside your home. 

They work well for plants that don’t need much-growing space such as strawberries, snap peas, carrots and mustard. Also, they are inexpensive and can be placed vertically on a fence or trellis.

Materials you will need

You will need the following materials to create a gutter garden: gutters cut into equal sections, gutter end caps, PVC glue, mounting brackets and screws, handsaw, electric drill and drill bit, screw and potting soil, flowers, and edibles. Keystone Gutter Helmet can give you more information about rain gutter gardens.

Steps to create a gutter garden

First, clean out your gutters.

  • Do not use gutters that have lead paint.
  • Cut your gutters into equal sections; use a handsaw.
  • Fasten your end caps on the right and left sides of your gutter; use glue.
  • Drill small holes down the length of the gutter.

Additional steps

Repaint the gutters and select a hanging spot; however, make sure there is ample sunlight.

  • Mark spaces for your brackets. In most cases, using two brackets per channel works the best.
  • Fasten the gutter garden to your selected area with mount brackets and screws.
  • Areas that work the best for gutter gardens are the side of a deck, on a fence or trellis, on a window planter or on the side of your home.

Benefits of a gutter garden

It is important to note; there are a variety of interests with a gutter garden; saving space, planting your garden early, being attached to a wall or fence and not stooping and bending.

To conclude, rain gutter gardens are creative ways to use vertical spaces outside your home. Find out more about rain gutter gardens from Keystone Gutter Helmet and enjoy your gutter garden!