Ways To Fix Noisy Downspouts

Sometimes the soft pitter-patter of rain hitting the side of your house can be relaxing. However, when it’s three in the morning, and the water going down your gutters sounds like the drum section of a rock band, the rain isn’t so calming. Luckily, these quick fixes will help quiet your noisy gutters and downspouts so you can sleep in peace.

Adjust the angle of your downspout.

Often, you can reduce the noise your gutters make by simply moving the downspout farther away from your home. The best way to do this is by adding a clip so the water hits the side of the elbow instead of falling straight to the bottom.

Replace the metal end of your downspout.

Water hitting metal sounds much harsher than water hitting softer materials. Switch out your metal downspout elbow for one that’s made of plastic or vinyl to quiet noisy gutters.

Run rope down your downspout.

Tie and caulk a piece of nylon rope to the top of your gutters and run it down the inside length of your downspout. This way, the water hits the rope instead of the sides of the downspout.

Insulate your downspouts.

The reason your gutters and downspouts are noisy in the first place is because of surface vibrations. Get rid of vibrations by surrounding the downspout with foam spray or insulators.

Insert a shingle or artificial turf.

Sometimes, cutting a shingle or piece of artificial turf to fit into the bottom of your downspout is an easy way to stop the noise. If you have either of these materials lying around after a home improvement project, try it out.

No homeowner wants to be kept up at night because their downspout sounds like Jumanji drums. With these tips, you can quiet your downspout and still have well-functioning gutters to protect your home from water damage and weather-caused wear-and-tear.

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