Your Warranty Questions About Gutter Helmets Answered

When people purchase an item, one thing that remains important is the warranty associated with it. Even if the product is perfect, there’s still the security that goes along with a warranty. Oftentimes, we receive questions about the warranty that comes with a Gutter Helmet, and there are a few things to be noted before and after investing in our great product.

Is There a Warranty?

Yes, a lifetime one! This isn’t a limited warranty that covers a small range of products — this is everything. Through what we consider to be a ‘Triple’ warranty, you’re getting the satisfaction of knowing that your product is covered from all angles.

What Does the Warranty Include?

Our warranty has three parts: Material, Performance, and Transferability. Should a portion of your Gutter Helmet become defective, it will be entirely replaced, with no cost to you. We believe our product to be the best you’ll ever have, and we’re confident that statement will run true. Should it begin performing in a different way, it will be replaced for you at no cost.

What If I Move?

The best part of the warranty is the transfer. Should you sell your house or have someone else end up living there, they can reap the benefits of the product as well. The only thing we require? Filling out this form.

What About My Roof?

Gutter Helmet works closely with all major roofing manufacturers to ensure that our product won’t affect theirs. Should something happen to your roofing, these suppliers will honor your warranty on their parts as well, not allowing the proper installation of our product gets in the way of theirs. From all angles, a Gutter Helmet is guaranteed to keep you protected.

If a Gutter Helmet is something you’re interested in for the future, give Keystone Gutter Helmet a call! We service a huge portion of PA, and we’d love to hear from you, and provide a no-obligation quote!