Gutter Colors and Home Accenting

Features of a new modern 2 storey home.

Designing your home is tough — you’re looking at everything you choose almost every day! While this is a task that many people favor for the inside, it’s time to start thinking about little accents that can make the outside look great as well! A typically overlooked aspect of your home is your gutters, and there are a lot of things you can do to accent them


The trim on many things really gives flair that most don’t notice. When was the last time someone looked up at a white gutter and thought ‘ i love that unique color’? It’s probably not the case. Why not paint them? With a durable, weatherproof paint, you can change the color of these small, horizontal pieces of metal, and really transform the look of your home! Think about what colors match with your home. If you’re staying neutral, a shade of brown works great on light colored houses, while lighter, bone and cream colors can do wonders to accent a darker colored home!

Don’t neglect your downspouts!

If you’re changing the color of your gutters, it’s a good idea to change the downspouts. Think of it like wearing two different color socks — it just doesn’t look right! If you’re not the type to want to paint, you can certainly think of different things to do for them. Consider wrapping them in a living plant, that will cover the downspout itself. It brings color to your home, while adding an outdoorsy feel!

While you’re up there with a paintbrush or a vine, consider a Gutter Helmet. They’ll protect your home from dirt and debris year round, reducing your need to get up and scoop leaves and sticks out of your gutters to a whopping 0!

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