Easy Waters to Conserve Water

With all the rain we can get in Pennsylvania, it can be hard to remember that there are places in our country that are worrying about ongoing droughts. Still, it’s our responsibility to help our planet and conserve water as best as we can. Before you think you have to cut out daily showers entirely and never water your lawn, don’t worry. There are plenty of easy ways you can conserve water around your home.

Shorten Showers

While you don’t have to cut out your showers entirely — that’d be gross — you should cut down the time you spend in them. Instead of daydreaming while the water is running, cut your shower time down by five to ten minutes and do your deep thinking afterward.

Switch Your Fixtures

Did you know that the kind of fixtures you use on your faucets and showerheads can affect how much water you use? Low-flow fixtures can significantly reduce the amount of water you use when you run your tap — which will also help lower your utility bills.

Replace Old Appliances

Old appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, use much more water than new units do. If you’re due for an appliance upgrade, choose energy-efficient units that use less water.

Take Advantage of Grey Water

Rather than dumping the water you cooked your pasta in, let it cool and use it to water your plants. When you’re waiting for your shower water to warm up, collect the water in a bucket and water your grass with it. Whenever you can reuse water instead of letting it flow down the drain, do it.

You can also route your gutters and downspouts into rain barrels to use to water your lawn and other outdoor plants — as long as debris stays out of your gutters. Keystone Gutter Helmet is highly qualified to help you with all your gutter maintenance, installation, and repair needs. For more information on how a Gutter Helmet system may be right for your home, contact us today!