DIY Gutter Fixes

As nice as it would be to never have to fix anything in our homes, the reality is that things break. While some repairs can be put on the backburner, your gutters shouldn’t be. Before you go calling the professionals, these are some quick gutter fixes you can do yourself.

When You Have Loose Gutters:

The easiest way to ensure that your gutters stay locked onto your house is by installing fascia hanger brackets. All you have to do is hook the bracket under the front of your gutter, and then screw the other side to your fascia. To avoid unsightly holes in your gutters, you can leave the old spikes in.

When You Have An Annoying Drip:

Does the sound of your downspouts dripping drive you wild? Tie a rope to one of the gutter hangers, and snake it through the downspout. The drops of water that usually cause noise will cling to the rope instead of crashing against the sides of the downspout. Just be careful with this gutter fix since it also limits water flow and shouldn’t be used on gutters that easily clog.

When You Have a Split Seam:

Just because a branch or heavy rainwater causes your gutter to split at the seam, it doesn’t mean you have to replace the entire piece. Simply adding a small section will fix the problem and keep your gutters looking uniform. After you buy your gutter piece and an inside or outside miter box, cut a three-inch section to create a custom slip joint. Hang your new piece next to the older one, slide the patch under the seam, and they are good as new.

Gutter fixes can be necessary when debris and leaves clog your gutters and cause them to sag or tear. Keystone Gutter Helmet offers gutter protection systems to prevent leaves and debris from getting into your gutters in the first place. To save time and money on repairs, call us today at 610-372-4383.