Clever Places to Hide Your Spare Key

There are few people in this world who can honestly say they haven’t locked themselves out of their own house. If you’re like most people and have done so because you lost or forgot your key, having a spare key hidden somewhere near your home can help you get inside quickly and avoid waiting for someone else to come let you in. But obviously you have to be safe about where you hide it, so here are a few places to hide your spare key where it won’t be found by other people.

Behind a Door Hanger

If you have a metal front or side door, buy a cheap metal door knocker, and glue small magnets to the top and bottom of it so it sticks to the door. Place the key inside the knocker for an easy hiding spot.

In an Outdoor Light Socket

Screw a socket cover onto the side of your home, and place your key under the covering flap. No one will ever know it’s not an actual socket and holds your key instead.

Inside a Fake Drain Cover

Screw a drain cap onto the top of a plastic jar, and place your key inside the jar. Dig a small hole in the ground, and place the jar inside, then surround it with rocks and dirt for a seamless hiding place.

Inside a Faucet Head

Place your key inside of a faucet cap, then screw the actual faucet onto it. Bury the faucet in the ground for an easy place to hide your spare key.

Inside Your Gutter

If you have weatherproof tape, place your spare key on the inside of your downspout and cover it with the tape. When you need the key, just remove the tape and slide your key out.

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