Benefits of a Finished Basement

There are plenty of remodeling projects that homeowners consider investing in. An updated kitchen or bathroom is a common and practical choice, but have you ever thought about updating your basement? Believe it or not, basement remodels can be affordable and add a lot to your home, in more ways than one. These are just some of the few benefits a finished basement offers.

Adding a Bedroom to Your Home

Whether it’s to give your kids their own room or to create a guest room when you have out-of-town friends come to visit, a finished basement provides you with space to add another bedroom to your home. While you may have to try a little harder to make the necessary exits point required of a bedroom, having that extra room appeals to more buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.

Add Another Bathroom

No more will be the days of waiting for someone else in your home to be done in the bathroom —  now you can just go downstairs and use the one in your basement. While it may be a bit expensive to do this project at first, having another bathroom in your home is a great investment, especially if you plan to sell.

Add Value to your Home

Finishing your basement often gives you a 70 – 75% return on your investment. You can increase the value of your property just by turning your basement from a space with unpainted sheetrock to a space that the entire family can enjoy.

Add a Rental Space

If your basement has a separate entrance, finishing it can allow you to rent it out and earn additional income. If this is the route you want to take, you’ll have to spend a little more to get it ready, but you’ll probably earn your investment back and then some in the long run.

If you want to finally finish your basement, call Keystone Gutter Helmet. Our technicians have worked in a variety of construction areas, so they have the knowledge to help you realize the full potential of what your basement could be.