You May Need New Gutters

If your window had a crack in it, would you leave it? What about if your toilet was spewing water? Of course not, you would fix it! Just like you wouldn’t ignore these home headaches, you shouldn’t ignore problems with your gutters. Since your gutters play a huge role in protecting your home from water damage, it’s important that you keep them in good condition and know the signs to look out for when they’re damaged.

Signs You Need New Gutters:

  1. Cracks: Cracked gutters function just about as well as a bucket with a hole in it. While larger cracks will be easily visible in daylight, smaller cracks may only make themselves known during storms — when your home is prone to water damage. Cracks cause water to leak down the side of your home instead of away from it. If the cracks cannot be repaired, you’ll need to install new gutters instead of performing repairs.
  2. Peeling Paint: Damaged gutters can destroy your home’s paint job. If you take a stroll to inspect your home’s exterior and notice paint peeling, you most likely have a problem with excess moisture coming from nearby gutters. If you find that the gutters are leaking in multiple spots, you should consider getting new ones to prevent further damage to your siding
  3. Rot: When your gutters allow water to leak onto your home, they cause more damage than just peeling paint. Excessive water can rot your wood trimmings, like window sills, and let water into your home. If you notice this happening during storms, it may be due to faulty draining.
  4. Mildew: When water isn’t drained away from your home, it can seep into your basement and cause mold and mildew to grow on the walls. If you notice formerly dry areas of your basement are now infested with mildew, you should look into getting new gutters.

Gutters often get damaged because debris collects in them and causes water to pool and weigh them down. You can easily keep your gutters debris-free (and damage free) by installing gutter protection systems. Keystone Gutter Helmet can outfit your home with our gutter helmet systems to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters. We serve Berks, Lehigh, Northampton, and Schuylkill Counties. Call us today at 610-372-4383 to start protecting your home from water damage!