Top Tips for Gutter Maintenance 

Installing gutters on your home is a great way to divert the rain flow off of your roof and away from your house. Gutters are found in all different types of roofs and all different types of houses. If you own a home that has a gutter system, this is for you. Time to learn how to maintain them properly.

Proper Maintenance of Gutters

To properly maintain your gutter, you will have to get up to your channels every few months if not every few weeks. Gutters can get quickly clogged and if you do not maintain them, your home could suffer damages. Leaves and debris can build up and lead to the water pooling up.

With the water unable to go anywhere, it naturally finds its way back on to your roof where it can cause roof damage as well as mold and mildew issues. Insects can also cause problems for your gutters. Standing water can also lead to insect growth and an increase of bug population in your gutters.  You will need to get up there and clean out the gutters to ensure that they are flowing freely.

How to Clean the Gutters

If the leaves and debris are dry, you can try to remove them with the aid of a leaf blower. If you do not have a leaf blower, you will have to do this step by hand. Take your time and make sure that you get every bit of debris. You will then want to take your water hose and run water through the gutters.

Make sure that you inspect them for any leaks, as well as any water pooling from any further blockages.

Getting the Keystone Gutter Helmet

If you want to avoid doing this all together, you should consider getting the Keystone Gutter Helmet. Forget that shaky ladder behind and call us today. Our product goes over your existing gutters and keeps any debris from getting into your gutters. You will no longer have to worry about cleaning your gutters frequently, and you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe thanks to Keystone Gutter Helmet. If you are interested in having well-protected gutters, call today.