Metal Roofing Vs. Shingles

Rain on roof

When it comes to investing in a roof, it’s important to think long-term. Let’s be honest, your roofing takes a beating during any sort of inclement weather. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume you want to avoid costly repairs. By purchasing the correct type of material, you’re preventing any sort of potential damage that can have an effect on your home.

Metal Roofing

There are great benefits when it comes to metal roofing that can really help your decision. For starters, metal roofs can last between 40-70 years, compared to the lifespan of asphalt, which is typically around 20. They’re also good at reflecting solar heat, which can help your cooling costs during the summer. Drawbacks are also prominent, though. In addition to being potentially noisy during storms, they tend to cost 3x what an average roofing job would cost. If anything were to happen to one panel, replacing one with the exact color may be hard, and can make the roof look out of place.


There’s no doubt that asphalt shingles are affordable, costing far less than other options. Ease of installation is attainable as well, if you know what you’re doing. We’re all for a DIY project, but if you don’t know how to install them, leave it to the professionals. Opting for shingles such as this also requires attention around the house. If the attic of your home is not properly ventilated, you run the risk of damaging shingles. Some brands of shingles are also not very environmentally friendly and are typically petroleum based. In fact, they rarely are recycled and can take a toll on our environment.

Although roofing is important, so are your gutters. If you’re having a new roof installed, a good idea might be to have a Gutter Helmet installed at the same time!

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