How to Keep Birds Out of Your Gutters

No one like an unwelcome guest, especially if that guest is a critter who’s taken up residence in your gutters. Pests who make your gutters their homes can bring bacteria close to your home, if not damage your gutters to begin with. If you want to keep birds out of your gutters, try out one of these easy methods.

Hardware Clothes

These aren’t so much typical cloth as they are steel mesh. You can purchase the mesh in ¼-inch or ½-inch pieces and wrap it tightly around your gutters, so birds and other critters can’t move it or get underneath it.


Don’t worry — these repellants don’t physically harm birds. Instead, they emit scents which alter birds’ physiological state, making them feel uncomfortable in those surroundings and fly away. The repellents come in the forms of granule, gel, or liquid spray.

Fright Inducers

If you place owl or eagle figures on your roof, birds won’t be as likely to fly near your home. Even products that involve inflatable balloons are enough to scare the birds away.

Sound Waves

There are devices you can buy that emit different kinds of sounds that ward off birds. Some machines emit sounds of predators, while other emit high-frequency sounds which can only be heard by the birds, not humans. Usually, these devices involve speakers that attach to your gutters, so you may need a few of them to cover your whole home.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards allow water to flow into your gutters and keep leaves, debris, and birds out. These usually have to be installed by a professional, but they are well-worth the investment.

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