How to Care for Your SunShade Awning

Care for Your SunShade Awning

From outdoor parties to relaxing with a book, your SunShade Awning has given you enjoyment all summer long. Even as the weather turns crisp, you can still enjoy the outdoors under your SunShade Awning well into the fall. 

Although a Sunshade Awning requires little care, here are a few tips on giving it a bit of TLC to keep it in optimal shape!

Keep Trees Trimmed

Trees limbs should be kept away from hanging over your SunShade awning. Twigs, leaves, and other debris that gets caught in the awning could cause damage to the fabric. 

Remove Loose Debris

Regularly remove loose debris that may rest on top of your awning. Use a soft broom and gently brush off. Always check for sticks, leaves and other debris that may have rested on top of the awning before rolling up.

Retract During Inclement Weather

To keep your Sunshade Awning in the best shape, don’t leave the awning open during snowfall, hail, rain, or heavy winds as this can cause damage. 

Lubricate Moving Parts

Outdoor awnings are  exposed to the outdoor elements daily, so moving parts may feel stiff when retracting on occasion. This is not a cause for concern and is an easy fix! Give the moving parts to your Sunshade Awning a little lubrication to keep it in easy operation. Be careful not to spray any lubricant on the fabric.

Gentle Cleaning

If you want to clean the fabric on your awning, mix lukewarm water with mild soap. Do not use detergents. With a soft brush, clean the entire awning and rinse gently with plain water. Before retracting, ensure the fabric is completely dry.

Keystone Gutter Helmet SunShade Awnings are made from 100% marine-grade acrylic fabric and warranted for 10 years. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you get started with a Sunshade Awning in your home.