Gutter Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

You’ve probably heard this phrase time and time again — trust your intuition. While that may be easier said than done, when it comes to your home, you can usually tell when something’s wrong. When it comes to your yard, these are a few gutter warning signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Gutter Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Water Pooling Around Your Foundation

If your gutters are in good condition, even the heaviest of rainstorms won’t result in a large amount of water pooling around your home. Water pooling around your basement is a sign that your gutters are either clogged or damaged, and either case prevents gutters from flowing water away from your home.

Water Spots Under Your Gutters

Take a sunny day and check the gutters around your home. If you’re noticing water spots underneath them, you probably have a leak that’s allowing water to drip out of the gutters and onto your home. Since this can eventually cause damage to your home, you’ll want to get those leaks fixed.

More Mosquitos Around Your Home

While it’s not uncommon for bugs to be around your home, if you’re noticing an increase in a number of mosquitos you’re seeing, it may be because your gutters are clogged and the collecting water is providing mosquitos with the perfect breeding ground. You should be cleaning out your gutters regularly to avoid this issue.

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