Copper Gutters Versus Aluminum

Copper Gutters Versus Aluminum Gutters: Which Should You Choose?

The Pros Of Copper Gutters

Copper Gutters have several advantages over aluminum gutters. They include being more durable. A copper gutter should last you for the life of your home. These gutters will also resist rusting. They also do not expand or contract very much when the outside temperatures change.

Another advantage of copper gutters is their aesthetic appeal. Many people enjoy the shiny look of copper gutters. They also develop a greenish tint over time due to oxidation which many people find attractive.

The Pros Of Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are lightweight, durable and easy to install. They also resist rusting just like copper gutters. Aluminum gutters are inexpensive and are an excellent choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

The Cons Of Copper Gutters And Aluminum Gutters

Copper gutters cost more than aluminum gutters and require more time and effort to install. A sealant must also be applied to them if they are to maintain their metallic shine and appearance. This is to prevent the copper gutters from oxidizing and turning green.

The cons of aluminum gutters is that they will expand significantly as the temperatures change. This can lead to the gutters wrinkling and breaking apart at the seams. Aluminum gutters are also not appropriate to use if you have your shingles treated with algaecides.

Protect Your Copper Or Aluminum Gutters

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