Things To Look Out For This Fall

With fall in full swing, there’s a few moods you may find yourself feeling. Happy to jump in a pile of leaves, annoyed that you have to rake a huge pile of leaves, or indifferent about the season. Whether you like it or not, fall is here to stay for a while ad we’d better get used to what that brings. Sure, cool weather and apple cider is nice, but there are some happenings around your home that are worth looking out for, in terms of maintenance. Before it’s too cold and too late to remedy a problem, stay on top of it and don’t let them become one


An abundance of wind and chilly weather brings great colors to our lawn and roof, but they can do damage as well. When leaves become dry and packed down into an area such as your gutter, it can cause clogging and leaking — not to mention home damage! Stay on top of this with a Gutter Helmet, or clean each gutter bi weekly.


Take a flathead screwdriver and probe the trim around your home near windows and other areas where air escapes. If you think there’s too big of a gap or notice areas where air is coming in, take a bit of caulk and seal the area. The last thing you’ll need is wasted energy and a higher bill to cool your home. This $10 trick does just fine.


If you’ve dealt with frozen pipes before, you know it’s nothing short of a disaster. Instead of worrying that this will happen, wrap them in heating tape or insulation. This will prevent them from freezing over when the temperatures drop which can prevent a costly flooding mistake.

For outdoor maintenance, let Keystone Gutter Helmet take care of you. We have top of the line Gutter Helmets that can also be equipped with helmet heat to prevent water from freezing on your gutters!