Owning a home comes with surprises that we’re sometimes not aware of, and typically these ‘surprises’ aren’t all that fun and can cost money. The positive side to this truth is that catching issues early can prevent even more expenses that stem from damage. Your old gutters are a great example. Here are a few signs that you might need new ones.

Close Up Of Man Replacing Guttering On Exterior Of House

Cracks or Splits

If you notice any sort of cracks or splits in your gutters, you may want to consider replacing them.   It may not seem like such a big deal, but this type of damage can be much more detrimental than one might think. The boards behind your gutters, and even the shingles above them, can become damaged. This can lead to water damage, which can lead to expensive repair bills.

Paint Peeling/Orange Specks

The paint on most gutters is designed to handle typical wear and tear; however, over time, they do show signs of age. If you notice peeling paint or orange specks, there’s a good chance that your system is not removing the water properly, or other damage could be present — nobody likes that rusty orange color anyway!

Sagging Gutters

This is probably the easiest way to tell if you need new gutters for a few reasons, mostly because you don’t have to be all the way up there on a ladder to notice it. Your gutters are designed to be structurally sound, so a sagging gutter is no good. The hassle to repair a sagging gutter could actually outweigh the cost of new ones. If this is you, it’s time to look at replacing them.

If you’re wondering about the status of your current gutters, it might be time to give them a look. To protect your new or current investment, a Gutter Helmet is a great addition to block out debris!

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