Roof Shield Versus Traditional Roof Cleaning

Think about it — if you let dirt and grime sit on top of your raincoat after a storm, it will become disgusting and eventually fall apart or have to be replaced, leaving you without protection from the elements. Well,… Continue Reading →

Common Causes of a Leaky Roof

Your roof is the main player in protecting your home from the weather. Every player can get injured, which is why you may end up precariously placing buckets under leaking spots of your ceiling. The first step in fixing a problem… Continue Reading →

How to Coordinate Your Siding and Brick

Having a brick facade can give your home a sophisticated look and boost its curb appeal, but matching your siding to that facade isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers. There are a few ways you can coordinate your siding… Continue Reading →

Can Gutters Be Cleaned in Winter?

You hear us say all the time that it is extremely important to keep your gutters clean and free of debris so they can function properly. While that’s decently easy to do during the warmer months, the same can not… Continue Reading →

How to Spot Ice Dams

As the cold temperature roll on and the snow keeps falling, it’s pretty safe to say that winter is not letting up anytime soon. As your roof continues to take a beating from the weather, it’s important to make sure… Continue Reading →

3 Hacks to Battling Ice

Winters in the Northeast can get brutal at times. Once snow hits, you probably find yourself spending an extra ten minutes each morning digging your car out from the snow or chipping away at ice on your windshield. While we… Continue Reading →

Is My Home Protected From The Snow?

We’ve said it before, but winter is going to be a difficult one this year. Between the cold temperatures and occasional blizzard, we’re in for a long few months. Equally preparing for the coming temperature and precipitation changes should be… Continue Reading →

Tips for Picking a New Roof

Your roof is basically the MVP when it comes to keeping your home safe. Think about it — without your roof, your home would basically be a giant pool whenever it rained and a desert whenever the sun was shining… Continue Reading →

Top Basement Remodel Trends for 2018

As the new year rolls on, you may be thinking about renovations you want to make to your home and which ones are the best idea. If you’re thinking about making a few changes to your basement, consider following some… Continue Reading →

Prepping Your Home for a Long Vacation

With temperatures sitting in the teens here in Pennsylvania, it’s no surprise that January is the most common time for people to leave their homes for a few days (or weeks) and head somewhere warm. But even if you have… Continue Reading →

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